Agility is measured as the capability of an organisation to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market.

A high degree of organisational agility can help an organisation to react successfully to the emergence of new competitors, new regulation, the development of new industry-changing technologies, or sudden shifts in overall market conditions.

The DMSG approach to organisational agility focuses on the agile evolution and maturity of an organisation leading to continuous improvement and the creation of new value chains. 

Contract disaggregation

Legacy contracts that don’t evolve with your business goals can be expensive and high risk. We conduct a managed exit from current contracts including business change, impact, risk, technology and business continuity.

Maturity assessments

The Digital Maturity Assessment measures the extent to which your services are supported by the effective use of digital technology. It will help identify key strengths and gaps in the provision of digital services and offer an initial view of the current ‘baseline’ position.

Agile development

From end to end application development to the provision of scrum teams to support your in-house teams we can help. For public sector, we have GDS-compliant alpha and beta builds, using blended on-shore and near-shore development teams.

Best sourcing

Outsourcing isn’t always the answer. Having the best sourcing approach to the mix of in and outsourced services ensures value for money, agility to meet new demands and scalability without unknown cost.

No more big IT

Whether you are transforming your whole IT outsourcing strategy or migrating away from your incumbent suppliers across Desktop, Hosting, Service Desk or Networks, We help you deliver an effective and flexible operating and outsourcing capability.

Ecosystem integration

Agility thrives on the collaboration of the IT supply and support chain. We provide technical and operational integration across part or all of your IT supply chain bringing internal and external suppliers together under a consistent accountability based service methodology.