DMSG can support every step of your journey to become a truly Digital Enterprise. From discovery to strategy through to service design, delivery and operation, DMSG is a new breed of ecosystem integrator.

The Digital Enterprise depends upon integrated digital capabilities to compete in the market place, which requires an ‘inside-out’ view of strategy to compliment the ‘outside-in’ view

The Digital Enterprise is built upon an agile and responsive digital infrastructure to support the automational, informational and the transformational aspects of the Digital Strategy 

Digital strategy

Regardless of your industry a clear digital strategy is more than just a document. We help you build and communicate a clear vision of how your organisation will use digital services to reconfigure around the customer, to partner, and cut costs.

Agile service design and delivery

Working smarter, faster, better – we use agile development methodologies with their inherent interaction and rapid prototyping to deliver well-designed and easy to use digital solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

Service delivery and management

Our experienced Service Delivery and Management teams supplement your existing capability to deliver better services. We also provide the capability to migrate away from your legacy contracts and help you understand the services you require in a digital world.

Right sized digital platforms

Having visibility into the cost of services along with strong design principles, We design, implement and support right sized digital platforms from data centre to cloud through to mobile and end user computing whilst ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery is never compromised.

Digital operations

Scalable IT operations is fundamental to target a smooth digital journey. We provide onsite and outsourced network and security operations services to clients looking to recue cost, ensure service delivery and upskill in-house teams. This is available as augmentation as well as a packaged service.

Secure systems & services

Secure systems is more than just protecting devices and data – it’s a mindset that has to be embedded into strategy, development, testing and operations. We provide security services to help you provide and assure your digital services across both software and hardware domains. We have CLAS certified consultants and HMG security classification aware people.