The fourth industrial revolution is here. The digital world is advancing at amazing speeds but to succeed, business leaders must be empowered to embrace digital transformation.

An empowered organisation has the ability to make hard decisions based on actionable insights. DMSG empowers organisations to standardise and consume commodity technology through the appropriate contractual vehicles whilst being aligned to the core business objectives.

DMSG has identified a set of shared challenges and areas of opportunity where the right technology solutions can help organisations capitalise on the digital opportunity and exceed business goals. 

IT Planning

We enable you to take back control of IT finance by aligning IT Resource, Project, and Service Investments to Business Priorities.

Business Insights

Empowerment through actionable business insights correlates IT infrastructure, application, vendor and SaaS data, such as capacity, utilisation and performance, with the financial data to drive your digital journey.

Bill of IT

Together we empower your business partners to be better consumers of IT by giving them choices that help reduce and recover costs through the automated creation and delivery of pro-forma invoices for IT services.

IT cost transparency

Work with us to make better decisions that drive business value by understanding the true cost and consumption of IT resources.

IT benchmarking

Work with us to validate you IT Cost Transparency with side-by-side benchmarks to make actionable comparisons of your monthly actual costs against a database of current and detailed benchmarks.

Transformation roadmap

Working with full cost transparency to underpin value chain mapping to identify capabilities that can be simplified, standardised and shared we work in partnership to build your digital roadmap, transition framework, technical architecture, organisational re-design.