Technology Business Management (TBM) is a value management framework instituted by CIOs, CTOs and other technology leaders. Founded on a transparency of costs, consumption and performance, TBM gives technology leaders and their business partners the facts they need to collaborate on business-aligned decisions. 
Those decisions span supply and demand to enable the financial and performance tradeoffs that are necessary to optimize the business spending and accelerate business change. The framework is backed by a community of CIOs, CTOs and other business leaders on the Technology Business Management Council.
At DMSG to support our clients on their TBM journey, we've partnered with the leading software and framework solution provider Apptio, whose TBM methodology is derived from hundreds of deployments and their partnership as co-founder and technical advisor to the TBM Council, an organisation comprised of over 3,500 leading CIOs, CFOs and IT executives. 


Okay - so you understand what TBM is, but how does it make an impact on your organisation. Here are a number of advantages:

Better decision making

Accelerate business-aligned technology decisions. No other major function runs on spreadsheets; modern IT leaders need a business management system.

Cost savings or avoidance 

Drive cost takeout (e.g maintenance associated with rationalized applications) and future costs avoidance (e.g. delaying storage purchases) initiatives.

Automating processes

Automotive existing manual processes, especially in areas of data management, reporting, analytics, and budgeting etc.

System replacement

Replace a homegrown application for costing or billing, saving money on licensing software development and maintenance. 

Enhancing a key initiative

Apptio's TBM applications support your existing initiatives that have been approved and funded.

Transformation to IT-as-a-Service

Support a strategic transformation of IT by providing cost visibility at the service level and adopting a best-practice service library.



Do I have the right people?
Your team knows your business and chances are they're already trying to do TBM in spreadsheets. Apptio's applications were designed for them. No need for exotic DBA, ETL, data warehouse or business intelligence gurus. 
Is my data good enough?
We know that your data is imperfect, fragmented or incomplete - and that's OK. Apptio's technology was designed specifically to address your data challenges. You can get started with a few common data sets or automate thousands of data feeds. Apptio's platform takes your data in raw form and transforms it for you.
How long will it take to realise value?
Get quick wins in 90 days or less with Apptio's Cost Transparency to justify your project. McKinsey & Co.'s "A Business-Backed-Approach to Technology Consumption" reports that basic transparency can help reduce IT run costs by 10%-20% with up to 5-10% of potential savings in the first year.
This sounds daunting...
Leverage Apptio's packaged applications and decades of collective IT finance expertise to accelerate your rollout and ongoing success. Apptio's TBM applications are delivered to you as software as a service, so there are no hardware investments or installation resources required. 



- DMSG is an official European Apptio partner, with a resource pool of qualified Apptio TBM practitioners.
- We have a track record of accelerating the delivery of success across both private and public sectors.
- With DMSG's proven methodologies, resources and experience we are able to deliver quick wins to support your project and lay the foundation for longer-term transformational change delivering the strategic benefits sought.